American Bottle Auctions #45

American Bottle Auctions begins its next sale, #45, on August 8th. Bidding begins the 11th and closes on the 19th at 8PM.

The sale includes figured colognes, western soda bottles, part of the Bryan Grapentine hutch soda collection, a few mineral waters, a rare Lupton Self Sealer canning jar dated May, 29, 1866, a Stoddar cloverleaf jar in amber, several barrel bitters, fire grenades and a yellow National Bitters. Also a good selection of common historical flasks and quality western whiskeys.

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  1. Mark Nolan

    I have a bluish green bottle with “Geo Eagle” on it in a diagonal direction. It’s got like swirls around it. One weird thing, it’s empty but the cork is still on the bottle ??

    I’m trying to get a scanner for a pic.

    Based on what I told you, is it worth anything ?

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