New! ABCR Auctions

New for 2010 is ABCR Auctions based out of Victoria, Australia.

I exchanged emails with Travis Dunn who, along with partners Simon Cronk and David Bruce recently started their auction to focus on Australian bottles and related antiques.

The hobby of antique bottle collecting in Australia has been evolving for many years. We are now beginning to see second generation collectors enter the hobby, in some cases third generation collectors are as can as the older collectors were decades ago when bottle collecting began in Australia.

Three second generation collectors in Dave Bruce, Simon Cronk and Travis Dunn have pooled their knowledge and experience in various fields to start up a new business dedicated to collectors of antique bottles in Australia (and throughout the world) – ABCR Auctions.

This new service ( is a full absentee bidding auction using the same software that is used for a number of US Auctioneers selling antique bottles, and so it will be in a format that is easy to use and to understand.

ABCR Auctions has secured for auction the collection of Wayne Harris. Wayne is a prominent collector in Australia who has amassed a collection in excess of 25,000 bottles over a forty year period. Bottles from all over the world in a range of fields. Wayne has the finest collections of Warner’s bottles around, a superb collection of poison bottles, the best fruit jars seen in Australia, by far the best collection of Bitters bottles in Australia, the best collection of goldfields food bottles (many of which are of American origin) amongst many other items. ABCR Auctions also accept items from other vendors, over time there will be an item of interest for almost every collector out there.

3 Responses to “New! ABCR Auctions”

  1. Barry Fisher

    I was wondering if you could perhaps identify a bottle that I have. earthenware bottle , aprox 2 gallon , tapered top , cream with darker brown top, screw bung in top and metal strap handle. printed on the top is,this jar is the sole property of :tooth and co, ltd. kent brewery sydney. and on the face/ side is. tooth and co. limited. kent brewery sydney. … Down at the bottom is a screw tap/ plug with a print of ….to open jar turn to left , taylor,s patent no. 1530/08. There is a stamp on the top of something that is hard to read then huntington moor then it looks like chesterfield.This bottle is in excelent condition , no chips at all , and we were wondering if you could let us know what would have been the contents and a rough value.I know that it must be hard to get a good picture without seeing it but you may have come across one of these before. Thanks for your time and hope that you can help us . Barry

    • Hi Barry,
      Sorry for the immense amount of time taken for this reply, it is the first time I have seen your question!
      Sounds like you have a demijohn, which is a RARE piece!
      If you still have it, please let me know as it is a valuable piece that you have there.
      Again, sorry for the delay!