1001 Antique Bottle Searches for Ebay

Here is our list of ebay searches divided into themed groups. Some searches fit more than one group so there is some duplication. We have not hit 1001 searches yet, but are continuing to add to the list in an attempt to reach that number.
Last Updated:
October, 2016
Fall 2016 - This page has been newly revised! Better search results, by far

Historical Flasks

Whiskey, Gin, Schnapps

Medicine (specific bottles)

Medicine (categories or keywords)

Antique Bottles that contained Illegal Drugs / Narcotics

Mineral Water

Utility & Black Glass

Bitters Bottles


Fruit Jars



Pickles, Sauces, and Other Food Bottle

City, State, Town or other Location


Unusual colors

Misc Search Terms