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7 Responses to “What People Are Saying”

  1. What a great site! I’m sitting here tonight checking out the online bottle world and there’s a ton of great stuff. Your site is great. I need to start doing more moving pictures and videos on our home page. Good work, you are a great assest to the hobby.

  2. Patti Stratford

    I have a few bottles to sell – some known (Warner’s Safe, 3 colors of Hostetters), some not so much (Dr. Young’s Wild Cherry Bitters) and a few others. I’m located in VA. I know they’re not the highest end but I’d really appreciate your thoughts about where I can get a fair price. Many thanks for your suggestions!

    • admin

      Patti, If you can get some clear photos of them, selling them on ebay is a good way to go for most folks. If any are worth more than around $100, you should also consider one of the antique bottle auctioneers listed on this web site.