Bols Ballerina Bottles

Bols Ballerina bottles were made in the Netherlands from 1957 through 1978. They are not exactly uncommon – they were made by the tens of thousands per year! This decanter features a dancing ballerina who dances to the tune of The Skater’s Waltz or Le Bleu Danube.

It seems like lots of people are looking for the value of these bottles since many were given as gifts and keepsakes. I recently ran a search of completed auctions on and found the following:

  • Empty bottles in good condition sell in the $5-10 range.
  • Full bottles sell in the $50 to $100 range. The price varies depending on whether they are still sealed and whether you have the original box and it is in good condition
  • Forget about damaged pieces. No one wants them

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  1. Wij hebben een fles Bols Ballerina, die niet de blauwe donnau, maar wel Edelweiss speelt als melodie. Is dit een uniek exemplaar? Nergens word van deze melodie melding gemaakt. Ik heb de vraag ook al aan Bols overgemaakt, maar kreeg daarop geen antwoord.

  2. Lucas bols Ao 1574. I have a bottle of bols ballerina with gold, seal is not broken on it and music box still plays, and the dancer still dances. I would like to sell this any idea on the worth.

  3. ron barrett

    Found in a misc. box at a auction a Bols Ballerina Bottle in amazing shape but not worth top dollar by what I read. Mine has no label or top/seal,but the bottle and music box/ballerina are in perfect order. the music is Le Bleu Danube the blonde ballerina has a white dress with black polka dots. I had never heard of these or saw any thing similar, to me it would make a great conversation piece on my mantle. Since everything has a price, if any one is interested you can e mail me at I could e mail you a picture. I do have things on my mantle that have worn out their welcome and of course would have to consult with my precious wife.

  4. Hi guys i have an unopen bottle music still works but the cork is half snapped off still has liquor in it i bought it at the second hand shop. Can anyone tell me whats it worth

  5. Cielie Versfeld

    I have a bols ballerina liquor still in good order. Ballerina have a red skirt and is still wirking. Bottle is still sealed but I received it with out a box. Please make me an offer. Thanks

  6. Ashley Peterson

    I have a Bols Ballerina liqueur bottle, still sealed, music box still works, ballerina still moves up and down and spins, but NO liquer in the bottle. Anyone interested or can tell me it’s value. My ballerina has a red skirt, gold slippers, and her top is gold she has brown hair. Thank you.

  7. Darren Raeside

    Just helping my aunt and uncle clean their house to sell and downsize. They gave me a bottle of the Bols ballerina gold liqueur, unopened, sealed, with almost perfect label(no rips or tears). The ballerina is wearing a white skirt with a gold strapless, slave less top. The music box plays, and she dances. Can send pics and video. Gold flakes. Contact me at if you are serious!

  8. Marcie

    I have an unopened bottle of BOLS Gold Creme De Menthe. The ballerina has a red dress and red hair. Missing part of the label. Any idea what its worth?

  9. I have an unopened bottle of Bols gold liqueur with flakes. The ballerina is working (red skirt, brown hair, gold top and shoes) and the music plays “The Blue Danube”. It is still sealed with original contents. It’s missing the label and has a very small dent in the cap. Can send photos or video on request. Looking for £40. – can ship worldwide.

  10. Selling a sealed Bols gold liqueur bottle with gold flakes. The ballerina still dances and wears a red dress and it plays Legend De La Foret Vienniose. Some of the plastic casing has broken and been repaired which is not visible when it is inside the bottle. Photos available. If interested :
    Email me

  11. Rick Krasun

    I have a Bols Ballerina Bottle. Gold Liquer in it at proper fill level from what comparisons I’ve seen. Foil at the top looks like cork was turned because if put on the side small amount of moisture comes from opening. Ballerina dances and music box works. Thought about taking cap off and sealing inside with wax or silicone to make it shippable. Comments appreciated. Pics available . If interested email me at

  12. Hey, I have Bols Ballerina Gold Liqueur unopened bottle. Music doesn’t work and dancer is not dancing. If anyone interested i can sell it also i can send photos of bottle or video.

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