Bols Ballerina Bottles

Bols Ballerina bottles were made in the Netherlands from 1957 through 1978. They are not exactly uncommon – they were made by the tens of thousands per year! This decanter features a dancing ballerina who dances to the tune of The Skater’s Waltz or Le Bleu Danube.

It seems like lots of people are looking for the value of these bottles since many were given as gifts and keepsakes. I recently ran a search of completed auctions on and found the following:

  • Empty bottles in good condition sell in the $5-10 range.
  • Full bottles sell in the $50 to $100 range. The price varies depending on whether they are still sealed and whether you have the original box and it is in good condition
  • Forget about damaged pieces. No one wants them


  1. carol

    i have a bols ballerina bottle with an unbroken seal but no box is it still worth anything?

  2. Agnes

    Wij hebben een fles Bols Ballerina, die niet de blauwe donnau, maar wel Edelweiss speelt als melodie. Is dit een uniek exemplaar? Nergens word van deze melodie melding gemaakt. Ik heb de vraag ook al aan Bols overgemaakt, maar kreeg daarop geen antwoord.

  3. terri

    Lucas bols Ao 1574. I have a bottle of bols ballerina with gold, seal is not broken on it and music box still plays, and the dancer still dances. I would like to sell this any idea on the worth.

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