Antique Bottles from California

Bottles from California have long been a hot commodity in the bottle collecting world, especially those dating from the earlier years of settlement in the 19th century. You will find plenty of examples as their age gets closer to 1900 (and beyond) but there are plenty of rare examples throughout the 1850-1900 era. Stumble across the right one and it could be worth hundreds or many thousands.

In the bitters department, there is the famous Dr. Henley’s California IXL Bitters which is found in a number of colors right on down to more common square-bodied amber examples such as the STAR KIDNEY & LIVER BITTERS bottle.

California bottles fall into the larger category of “western bottles” as collectors like to call them.

You will find hutch sodas, druggist bottles, medicine bottles, bitters and of course plenty of whiskey fifths and quarts. Here are some currently at auction on ebay:

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