Wisharts Pine Tree Cordial

The Wisharts Pine Tree bottles have always been one of my favorites. Over the years, I have acquired a number of really great examples.

It is a good example of an antique bottle that has many variations:

– a scarce/rare open pontil variant
– earlier examples in two distinct sizes
– a rare variant with the date missing
– a later tall, large size bottle found almost always in amber
– colors include emerald green, olive green, amber, tobacco amber, blue (rare), aqua, pale green

Value as always depends on condition, the depth and tone of the color and the mold variation.

wisharts tax stamp
Wisharts Pine Tree Cordial tax stamp

wisharts bottle
A superior example of a Wisharts Pine Tree Cordial in perfect condition

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  1. I bought a box lot of bottles last night and there is a Wishart’s bottle included. There is no date on it anywhere. Would it be the rare version you mentioned? It’s the taller version, 10 inches or so. Unfortunately there are cracks on the base but it is still fully intact, no chips missing, color is beautiful. A really neat bottle.

  2. Phyllis Casto

    Hi…..I have one of the Wishart bottles as described above with the words trade mark in place of the date. I am wanting to sell it. I want to know how much it’s worth. It is in excellent shape and has the original cork. I’ve had it for 20-30 years and I originally paid $55.00 for it. Still has the price tag on it. Any info would be great. I want to sell it to a reputible antique dealer or if you know of someone. Thank you for your time.

    • admin

      Hi Phyllis – the Trade Mark variant is not as valuable as other molds, but color is an important consideration. If you would like to post some photos on my discussion forum (http://forum.antiquebottles-glass.com) I would be happy to help further. After seeing photos, I can give you a better idea of value. Be sure to describe the condition in detail.

  3. Nicholas Wishart

    Lucious Quinces Cinncinatus Wishart was my great great great grandfather. I am compiling my familys entire story, i.e. what brought us to america, when we came and the accomplishments of my forefathers. I am eager to begin a collection to help illustrate this. Any bottles for sale or leads to bottles for sale would be greatly appreciated.

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