Antique Bottle Auction – Prices Realized Lists

Below you will find links to PDF files of the prices realized at auction for many antique bottle sales.  The prices may or may not include the buyer’s premium – this depends on the auctioneer.  Look for notes in the PDF documents.

Will try to include many of the better-known past auctions.  Take a copy of what you need, consider sending over a copy of what you have!

These price results are a great way to research the value of bottles.  If you dig around, you can find printed copies of the auction catalogues at bottle shows or on eBay.

Winter Blues Auction – February 2017 – GlassWorks

‘Cabin Fever’ Potpourri Auction – Jan. 2017 – GlassWorks

Ferraro Collection, Part 3 Prices Realized – GlassWorks

Ferraro Collection, Part 2 Prices Realized – GlassWorks

Ferraro Collection, Part 1 Prices Realized – GlassWorks

Greer Collection of Pontil Medicine Bottles – Harmer Rooke

Watt-White-Ink-Auction-Price-List – Harmer Rooke Galleries

Mebane Collection Prices Realized – GlassWorks

Pollard Collection Prices Realized – Heckler

Blaske Auction – Part 1 – Historical Flasks

Blaske Auction  – Part 2 – Other Bottles

The Dr. Burton Spiller Collection “A Rainbow of Color”