American Bottle Auctions # 48

old bottles in American Bottle Auction #48
There are lots of great of great bottles in the upcoming American Bottles Auction #48 which closes Thursday, August 20th
Highlights include: Star Whiskey with applied seal and handle, FISH’S INFALIABLE HAIR RESTORATIVE in cobalt, blue ALMOND HAIR WASH W. HEARD (an unknown hair bottle), an ALPINE HAIR BALM C.A.P. MASON PROVIDENCE, RI. in brilliant olive, Clemen’s Indian Tonic with full label, a green petal jar with pontil, a nice grouping of historical flasks, pitkin and midwestern pattern molded flasks, a GII-76a Concentric Ring Eagle flask (yes, a real one), some very fine barrels including an aqua Pocohantas and an unbelievable light yellow Bourbon Whiskey Bitters, a HP Herb Bitters in 7-up green, other figural bitters.  All in all a very fine offering of quality items.

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